About the Company

Bhakti International Pvt. Ltd is registered under ministry of corporate affairs, Govt Of India under Company Act 1956, was Started in March 2009 with a name of Bhakti Industries having a goal in the mind that it will make a revolution in FMCG Sector. Company has its own in-house production and it has its own brands registered under Trade Mark Act, Govt. Of India OF Reg. N0 2626487.

The Atmosphere we are living is polluted and if we think we found that we are the ultimate reason. we polluted our Atmosphere but we are just moving on rather than finding the solution. then what we will give to our future attendants? a healthy Atmosphere? or A polluted one? it is just a try for the shake of our future attendants to make our Atmosphere healthy. so let’s unite and let’s change the Atmosphere.
Ao Kuch are Dihayen…          Apni Mahol Badale Dihayen…
Biswajeet Dash
Our Creative Team